Mounting Options
  • Desk Stand (4)
  • Floor Stand (1)
  • Chief (2)
  • Ergotech (1)
  • Ergotron (2)

Triple Monitor Stands

A triple monitor stand is a cost-effective and efficient way to increase productivity and help improve the quality of user experience. According to Bill Gates, Microsoft's Chairman, "on my desk I have three screens, synchronized to form a single desktop.  I can drag items from one screen to the next.  The screen on the left has my list of emails.  On the center screen is usually the specific email I'm reading and responding to.  And my browser is on the right hand screen.  Once you have that large display area, you'll never go back, because it has a direct impact on productivity" published by on "How I Work: Bill Gates"

A triple monitor stand, however, has limited functionality for vertical and horizontal reach. For more articulation and flexibility for positioning of your monitors, please see monitor arms.