Office Master Paramount Value Chairs

Paramount is a line of full-featured ergonomic chairs that fit a wide range of people from petite to tall (as shown in the chart below). Paramount chairs are offered at various price points, the PT Value Line sold for less than $200, while the Paramount line is sold for $350 and above.  

 The highlight of Paramount chairs are the maximum number of adjustments most of the chairs (except the side chairs) are equipped with - pneumatic lift, tilting backrest, back height adjustment, tilting seat, sliding seat, rocking tilt, tension knob, adjustable lumbar, forward tilting. Maximum adjustments at an economical price point make Paramount one of the best value for money chairs of Office Master.    

Size of Paramount Chairs according to height

Office Master Paramount and PT Value Executive, Management Chairs

Quality, Comfort and Value is Paramount: a full line of hard-working, multi-function seating

The paramount collection features cross performance models that are ideal for executive and management alike.  Loaded with a full set of adjustment such as seat tilting, back tilting, EZ back height and forward tilting, this chair has quite a lot to offer.

The paramount value line is extensive, ergonomically designed and offers a range of features that are normally associated with more expensive lines. No other series combines this range of features with Office Master's acclaimed affordability, making the paramount value line the smartest choice for ergonomic, management and executive seating.  It is simply the best dollar value in its class.

The paramount series of management and executive seating provides a unique comfort experience from an array of user-variable settings at a price that can't be beat.  By including features such as tilting backrests, tilting seats, tilt lock, and sliding seats, Office Master has created one of the best seating values available. 

Paramount's depth of line makes it easy to specify an entire office.  Choose from guest, ergonomic, management, executive seating with standard features normally found only with more expensive seating.  And don't forget the Paramount also offers seating that is designed specifically for shorter and taller body types.

No matter what your budget, Office master offers one of the best values for everyday ergonomic seating with Paramount.