Office Master Industrial Work Stools 

The professional workstools collection: Works with You while you Work.

Whether you're working in a medical or industrial setting, Office master has the workstool that is right for you.  Since 1986, we've delivered comfort, style and peformance in innovative, advanced ergonomic seating.  We offer a complete line of ergonomic stools at extremely comfortable prices.  And all of the innovative stool designs adhere to ANSI/MIFMA standards, providing premium ergonomic solutions. 

Classic Low Stool is perfect for dental and doctor offices

The classic professional stools adjust perfectly for dental and doctor offices.  All the stools are user friendly and attractive, with leather like vinyls and fabric like cryptons to choose from.

High Sturdy Stool is perfect for industrial and manufacturing environments

All of our stools are ergonomically designed for cashier, dentists, filing clerks, and workers in assembly lines, job shops, and a wide range of other industrial environments.  EAch model adjusts easily for maximium freedom of movement, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.