Wall or Desk Mounted Laptop Arm with Space for External Mouse EDL-2301

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  • Mounts on a wall or desk
  • Reduces index finger pain from laptop touch-pad use
  • Tray has space for external mouse
  • Horizontal reach: 24"
  • Max up-down movement: 16" if wall-mounted
  • Tray dimensions: 23" wide x 8" deep
  • Fits laptops 18" or smaller
  • Weight capacity: 13 lbs
  • Other laptop arms? 

Many laptop users suffer from repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), sharp pain and soreness in the wrist, forearm, hand, thumb, and/or fingers, often caused by laptop touchpads. The EDL-2301 is a height adjustable laptop arm that offers enough space for an external mouse. This laptop arm will help keep your elbows at an ergonomic 90-100 degree angle to prevent hand and wrist pain. Using an external mouse on the 23" x 8" tray is more comfortable than a laptop touchpad, and will keep your forearm at an ergonomic angle. 

Mount this laptop arm on either a wall or a desk for optimal ergonomic comfort. With 16" of up and down movement, you can place your laptop or keyboard at an ideal height to further prevent finger and wrist pain from laptop touchpad use. An 18" laptop, weighing up to 13 lbs. placed on either the right or left side of the tray will still leave 5" of space for your external mouse.

Using a laptop arm suspends your workstation above your desk, freeing up valuable desk space. This arm has 24" of horizontal reach. You can secure your laptop onto the tray with Velcro strips (set of four 6" strips) which are placed on both the tray and the underside of the desired device. These Velcro strips provide more stability while working and less chance that your laptop will slide. This tray is also great for a regular keyboard and mouse set up.

Disclaimer - ErgoDirect is not responsible for any damage to the laptop and its contents occurring out of a fall. In order to reduce the risk of this happening, tighten the set screw on the arm tilter to the maximum. Check and continue to tighten the screw on a regular basis to avoid loosening arising out of usage and wear and tear. A set of two Velcro straps are also included in this product. Please feel free to add your own Velcro as well. These are some of things which may reduce the possibility of the laptop tray tilting.

Model EDL-2301
Manufacturer Ergodirect
Part Number EDL-2301
Color Black
Mounting Options Wall or Desk
Horizontal Range 24"
Weight Capacity 13 lbs
Maximum Laptop Size 18"
Lift 16" in

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