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Laptop Arms and Mounts

Laptops make computing easy on the go. They are light, powerful and perfect for an active lifestyle. However working with this portable device leads to poor working posture and invites shoulder and neck pain. Laptop arms and mounts can help with these problems. Mount the laptop on a wall or on the desk and achieve security, safety as well as perfect ergonomics.  One of our popular solutions in this category is the Ergotron LX Notebook Wall Mount Laptop Arm or LX Notebook Desk Mount - both come with a monitor arm as well as a tray, which is a complete solution in itself. Another important aspect of laptop use is the fact that they get hot after long hours of usage. Innovative EVO5501 laptop holder has an amazing design that keeps the back of this computing gadget clear for perfect air circulation and prevents it from getting overheated.

Are you hunched over your laptop for many hours at a time? Using a laptop for a long period of time in poor working postures may cause neck and back pain. Notebooks afford mobility, while giving us incredible power. But we often find ourselves working in poor postures, cramped and hunched over our notebooks.

The predominant health issues regarding notebook use are neck, shoulder, wrist, hand pain and musculoskeletal disorders, such as carpal tunnel. By angling your keyboard to a more comfortable position for your wrists, you can alleviate the risk of carpal tunnel. By elevating your notebook screen you decrease the amount of tension you place on your neck and shoulders, when you hunch over your laptop to work. If you or your employees are heavy laptop users, you are in need of the right ergonomic product to reduce the risk of serious musculoskeletal injury or disorder.  Laptop Mounts are an ideal solution.

Whether you need a light portable notebook stand, or are looking for a more secure, notebook wall mount arm, a desk mount arm, we have the right product for your project. You can find the popular Ergotron LX desk mount notebook arm; tray included, or you can opt for mobility with the LX laptop stand with the LX arm. If you travel, the L6 Notebook Manager by Humanscale is a premium solution that can lift the level of your notebook screen to eye level, and angle the keyboard within a 30ยบ angle to ease the tension in your wrists during use.

We offer a wide range of prices to fit within your budget, and we feature only premium ergonomic products that will last you and your company for years. If you need to secure your notebooks in an educational, retail, or commercial setting, then our wall mount laptop arms are a wonderful and secure solution.