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Peerless Industries Inc.  is the industry leader in A/V mounting solutions is proud to offer a comprehensive line of project mounts and accessoris for the residential and commercial applications.  Our industry leading projector mount line up includes the only precision gear alignment projector mount with ImageLock technology - PRG Precession Projector Mount, the new PPF mount provides an economical, yet full featured projector mounting solution as well as our PRS and PJF2 projector mount series.  The latest projector mounts are complimented by a comprehensive line of accessories, including ceiling/wall extension kits, ceiling plates and columns for virtually any application.  Whether installing to wood joist/drywall, suspended, cathedral ceiling, concrete, square or rectangular i-beam trusses or any other surface, we have your solution. 

The right projector mount and accessories can make a good application magnificent! Take the time upfront to select the most appropriate mounting solution for your facility.

Key Features: Ease of installation and pre-assembled design speeds up installation enabling more installations in less time. Easy pin-point precision image alignment that is achieved by turning two alignment knobs by-hand or with a Philips screwdriver. Ease of projector removal is essential to any installation to reduce maintenance time.

What to look for in a Projector Mount? Look for a projector mount that will provide a clean and clutter free look via cable management ports and a low-profile. Look for mount that come with security hardware at all connection points to detour theft. Make sure the projector mount you are selecting is compatible with a variety of accessories that will make installation to various ceiling services and styles quick and easy. Look for projector mounts that have quick-release mechanism and will not need image realignment to reduce non-value added time on the project. Select a universal projector mount to ensure compatibility with a multitude of projector models.