Peerless Hospitality & Healthcare Solutions

Audio Visual Secure Mounting Solutions to Meet Your Unique Hospitality Needs

Peerless is an internationally recognized leader in AV Audio Visual mounts, recognizing design, quality and customer service are always foremost.  Peerless hospitality mounting solutions can be seen in hotels and resorts all over the World.  You will certainly find a mounting product to fit your needs in our extensive line of products designed with the hotel guest in mind.  Peerless is the premier supplier of desktop security locking plates, desktop swivel mounts and large variety of wall and ceiling mount built entirely for the hospitality and healthcare industry.

Peerless's partnership with television manufacturers mean you can be certain that the mounting solution you choose will match up with the television model you have selected.  If you don't find a mounting solution for your particular application let us know and we can customize a solution to meet your unique installation requirements.

Desktop Swivel Mounts & Security Solutions provides:

  • Optimum Viewing Angle -  offers up to 360° of swivel for flexible TV positioning
  • Clean Application - internal cable management for a clean installation
  • Adjustable Heights - easy vertical adjustment to accommodate various TV sizes
  • Universal Screen Adapters - accommodates a variety of TV models
  • Security Screws - prevent tampering or theft by securing the TV

Universal Flat & Tilt Wall Mounts provides:

  • Clean Profile Design - Hides cables within enclosed wall plate for a clutter-free installation
  • Flat and Tilt Functionality - Can be used in flat or tilt position to conceal cables and mounting mechanism
  • Hook and Hang Design - Simple design allows for an easy installation
  • Open Wall Plate - Allows for total wall access increasing electrical and cable management options

Universal Pivot & Articulating Wall Mounts provides:

  • Clean Application - With 1" of clearance per cable management channel this solution delivers clean, clutter free aesthetics
  • Extensive Reach - Extends all the way out to 30" from the wall and swivel +/-90° to easily achieve the perfect viewing position from anywhere in the room.
  • Installation Convenience In The Wall Plate - Wall plate provides up to 10.75" of horizontal adjustment and optimal space for placement of gang boxes with up to four outlets.