Peerless LCD, TV Ceiling Mounts

Peerless designs and manufactures a wide variety of ceiling mounts for flat panel displays, projectors, as well as CRT televisions used in consumer and commercial markets. Peerless’ new line of ceiling mounts is perfect for situations where traditional wall placement is not an option. Many Peerless ceiling mounts have easy drop-length adjustability, a range of 360-degree rotation and 15 degrees of tilt, enabling them to be installed into any environment and to deliver the optimal viewing angle. A hook-on design makes for a quick and easy installation and compliments the surroundings with their clean appearance.

Ceiling mounts are a great alternative when wall mounting is not an option. They include tilt and swivel features that assist in achieving optimal viewing screen position. The slim design of the LCD ceiling mount offers the ideal low profile mounting solution and enhances the professional look of any LCD screen. The LCC-18C has a slender adjustable extension column that minimizes the mount's appearance while maximizing the screen's presence in any room. The PLCM-UNL , a straight column ceiling mount, offers a straight column from the ceiling attachment point to the flat panel screen. No wall space? No problem. The PC932 Paramount Universal Ceiling Mount gets the TV up easily and offers an incredible range of viewing options.

Multi-screen mounts are designed to support two or more flat panel screens in back-to-back, inline, curvilinear or even circular position. The Peerless PLB-1 flat panel dual screen mount is designed to safely support two plasma or large LCD screens. The back-to-back design displays screens perfectly for retail or commercial environments.

Please contact us if you have any questions about ceiling mounts. Our representatives can help you find out which ceiling mount will work best for you!