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Neutral Posture Task Chairs

The Right Chair

Whether you are looking for a chair with a breathable mesh back or want a chair to easily customize to your personality or office, you need the Right Chair.  The unique removable skins allow you to change your look without changing your chair.  So be blue one day and green the next, or leave the cover off and show how well you can mesh.  Whether you do, just be you - with the Right Chair.

Balance Task, Stool, Executive, Conference Chair

A perfect balance of cool image and daily comfort.  Composed with smooth, clean lines, the Balance exudes simplicity and style.  The sleek back, available upholstered or mesh, provides built in lumbar support while the multiple adjustment options provide the high quality ergonomic functionality one craves.

N.Dure 24/7 Task, Stool, Intensive Use Chair

Ready for anything, the N.Dure series is the choice for 24/7 continous shift environments.  A steel reinforced seat allows it to stand up to the highest level of use while retaining its comfort and ergonomic functionality.  N.Dure lives up to its name with a full 5 years warranty, even under 24/7 usage and supporting users up to 350 lbs.

Embrace Ergo Task, Stool, Executive Conference Chair

The Embrace Ergo goes above and beyond its classy image to provide additional ergonomic adjustability for the most selective user.  In addition to the exemplary adjustability of the chair mechanism, the adjustable height back enhances the ability to fine tune the fit of the chair to one's individual preference.

Shark Series Bank Teller Stool

With plush contoured seats and backrests, the Sharks series is an impressive ergonomic chair or stool.  A top seller among the mid-market models, Shark delivers excellent comfort and support while offering a wide range of adjustments options.

Rio Task, Stool, Industrial ESD Office Chair

A top seller among middle market seating, the Rio is a real winner in almost any environment, any configuration and for any budget.  Offering a wide range of configurations with 2 backs and 3 seats, along with dozens of options, you'll find a Rio to fit the task and user.

Sahara Bank Teller Stool High Chair

A wide range of features and a fully upholstered backrest makes this a great looking, hard working model among middle market seating.  Easily configured to almost any user or application, Sahara is a versatitle model with modularity that extends it useful life at work.