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Neutral Posture Industrial & Healthcare Chairs  

Stratus Urethane

Perfect for industrial cleanroom, the Status Urethane comes in 4 choices of seat styles, with height and width adjustments.  Adaptable to any environment, the Stratus Urethane offers a variety of tough ergonomic seats to increase the user's daily comfort.  A perfect fit for laboratories, schools, healthcare environments and cleanrooms.


Rugged and dependable, the Graphite is built to support and assist in numerous environments: cleanroom, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, and school labs to name a few.  A variety of arms and adjustment options are available to allow the chair to adjust to the user's individual working style.  This is a very popular chair or stool with universities around the country.


Ideal for medical and dental environments, drafting, glove box, assembly, inspection applications and practically any forward-leaning task.  The patented AbChair relieves lower back strain caused by an out of balance posture.  The unique Abrest pillow swings around and into position, and adjust for height and depth.