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Neutral Posture High Performance Chairs

8000 series Task, Stool, Executive Office Chair

With the lateral contour and conforming shape the 800 sires embraces not only Neutral Posture's deep seated commitment to ergonomic comfort, but the individual as well.  Designed with a wide variety of users in mind, the 16 active adjustment allow for individual preferences to be met with a single chair.

6000 series Task, Stool, Executive Office Chairs

The 6000 series utilizes high back with a minimal lateral curve design to provide essential back support.  The 16 active adjustments allow individuals the ability to fully customize the fit and comfort to their own unique needs.

5000 series Office Task and Stool Chair

Offering exceptional back and lumbar support, the 5000 series is the mid-back chair of choice for ergonomic comfort.  The 13 active adjustment put you in control and deliver daily, personal comfort and body support.

Big and Tall Chairs Heavy Duty Industrial and Healthcare Chair

The ultimate in comfort and support for users to to 500 lbs and 7 ft tall.  Steel reinforced seats and heavy duty cylinders ensure it can stand up to the highest levels of use.  Available in both regular and Jr. sizes, the Big and Tall Series utilizes a multi-adjustment mechanism to provide an assortment of effortless adjustments.

Extra Small Task Chair for Petite Users

Perfectly proportioned to fit petite users, the XSM series provides big ergonomics in a small chair.  High and mid-back options, along with a variety of adjustments, allow the petite user to position the chair to their unique preferences.  Ergonomist recommend pairing the XSM with a Fring footrest for additional comfort and support for feet and legs.