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Neutral Posture Executive Seating & Conference Chairs

Neutral Posture Series

To support the neutral body posture, our products combine pressure-reducing seats, multiple back contours and a specialized upholstered process with a system of up to 16 active ergonomic features for maximum adjustability.  Most chairs are desiged for the "average" user, however, each human body is unique and the only way to properly support a neutral, open posture for a variety of shapes and sizes is with an effective system of active ergonomic adjustments.

Embrace Executive Conference Task Stool Chair

Whether made a plush pillowtop or pulled fabric, the Embrace exemplifies professionalism on every level.  Fully upholstered and perfect for a boardroom or executive office, the Embrace brings adjustability and ergonomic comfort to a new level of sophistication.

Embrace Ergo Task, Stool, Executive Conference Chair

The embrace ergo goes above and beyond its classy image to provide additional ergonomic adjustability for the most selective user.  In addition to the exemplary adjustability of the chair mechanism, the adjustable height back enhances the ability to fine tune the fit of the chair to one's individual preference.

Balance Task, Stool, Executive, Conference Chair

A perfect balance of cool image and daily comfort.  Composed with smooth, clean lines, the Balance exudes simplicity and style.  The sleek back, available upholstered or mesh, provides built in lumbar support while the multiple adjustment options provide the high quality ergonomic functionality one craves.