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  • 5/8" (1.6 cm) (1)
  • Above 3/4" (2)
Industry Use
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  • Industrial/Commercial/Labs (1)
  • Medical (1)
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  • Loctek / Flexispot (2)
  • Rhino Mats (2)
  • Workrite (1)

Anti-Fatigue Mats

What are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

According to Institute of Medicine’s 2011 report, chronic pain costs the nation between $560-635 billion annually. The same report further stated that much of this pain can be managed effectively and even prevented.

Why should you use an anti-fatigue mat?

Anti-Fatigue Mats counter the fatigue arising out of long hours of standing on hard surfaces. Tired and sore feet, excess stress on the spine and back arising out of single position, incorrect posture or uneven body weight distribution are common occurrences. The underlying activity that is happening beyond all these symptoms is severe constriction as the muscles work hard to keep an upright position. Fatigue is the inevitable outcome.

What does an anti-fatigue mat do?  

The function of an anti-fatigue mat is to provide the right amount of ergonomically appropriate cushion that prevents muscle constriction. In order for that to happen, the mat has to be made of a material, which is a mix of hard and soft. Extreme example of hard but stable material is concrete and that of soft but unstable material is a mattress. Both are not good for your feet.  An anti-fatigue mat should be soft enough that it encourages muscle movement and change of position. This facilitates adequate blood flow to the working muscles. At the same time a mat should be hard enough to hold onto the user’s weight without giving in.

What is the right anti-fatigue mat for you?

Anti-Fatigue Mats find use in a variety of industries like retail, hospitality, restaurants, manufacturing, any assembly line setup and service industry where standing desks are becoming popular. Though mats suitable for an industry may vary, certain basic features are recommended –

  • -       Mat must be at least ½ - 3/4” thick
  • -       Mat must not warp, fold and crumple
  • -       Must have beveled edges to prevent tripping
  • -       Must be able to be cleaned easily

You will find a variety of mats on our website, ergonomic standing desk mats, anti-static mats for labs, mats for medical facilities that can be cleaned and disinfected, industrial mats for manufacturing floors and commercial kitchen mats.