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CPU Holders

It is important to have proper access to your computer tower and be able to reach down under your desk to place a CD and DVD into your processing unit without falling out of your chair. A simple solution is to take advantage of CPU holders. These are basic stands designed to hold your computer's central processing unit (CPU) off the ground and close within your reach. Another advantage of using a CPU holder is that it allows for better ventilation of your computer's processing unit. CPUs are also referred to as towers. 

CPU holders provide a safe and secure option to store your CPU tower, large or small. Stable under-desk, side-desk, and wall-mount CPU holders free up precious leg and desk room by removing the bulky tower to a more ergonomic location.

We offer CPU holders for all types of sizes, mounting options, and various designs. You can lift your tower off the ground, prevent static charge build up, and you can secure your technology while having easy and instant access to ports, cables, and panels on the CPU. 

Humanscale, Workrite, Ergotron, Chief, and Innovative design CPU holders with the serious user in mind. The CPU mounts allow you to position your hardware conveniently close to your system, while allowing access to your tower’s ports, and optimum cable management.

Ergonomic Notes:

Proper legroom is a major issue in a sustainable and healthy posture. We often jam our CPU towers underneath the desk, on the floor, where they crowd our feet and steal legroom. We’re left sitting in awkward positions, cramped. Or we clutter our desks with the CPU, taking up valuable workspace, competing with all the other documents and materials for desktop real estate.

You invest in your technology. Now, invest in storing your hardware safely and securely. CPU holders remove your investments out of the way of mishaps, spills, and accidents yet keep your towers close at hand. They help in cable management, and help remove the clutter of tower sitting on a desk. Raising your hardware off the ground helps prevent the build up of static electricity. The CPU holder will protect the hardware casing.