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Depending on what type of chair you are using, it may be necessary to use an ergonomic footrest. In certain situations, you may begin to experience issues such as numbness of the legs, and eventually circulation problems. An ergonomic footrest is designed in a way to keep your feet supported and comfortable, ease leg problems and lessen lower back issues. Ergonomic footrests can help prevent blood clots, varicose veins and pressure on the Achilles tendon caused by prolonged or inactive sitting and ease pressure on the back of the legs if the feet are not resting on the floor. An ergonomic footrest is necessary when your seat needs to be at a height that keeps you from having your feet flat on the floor.


Footrests can provide more relief to the body than you think. For those professionals who are glued to the desk, computer, or laptop for prolonged working sessions, the resulting poor postures and positioning of the legs while seated for long periods of time can lead to poor circulation, blood clotting in the lower limbs, and chronic lower back pain.

From the simple foot rest to the fully loaded models, with massage vibration, rolling balls, or USB foot switch capability, each model is designed to contour to the height and angle of any user. They are designed to store neatly, and comfortably under the desk or workstation, while allowing the user to comfortably elevate their legs, promote healthy circulation in the lower limbs, and relieve lower back pain.