Task Lighting Products

Task lighting is a crucial part of an ergonomic workplace. These are light sources used for a particular task, ie. a desk lamp. Without task lights, lighting is less energy efficient with indirect or general overhead lights that illuminate an overall space rather than a task. In an office, various work areas need to be illuminated according to their purpose: boardrooms, desk areas, reception, etc. Ergonomic task lighting should create a comfortable, flexible and stimulating atmosphere. 

With adjustable task lights, you can change the position and angle of light sources. The best task lights have varying intensity levels. Maximum light intensity should occur about 35-40 cm from the shade. Light hoods, or filters help direct or diffuse light for different tasks. 

Office lights should be both dim enough for us to look at monitor screens, and bright enough to read documents, while not creating a glare or reflection. LED (light-emitting diodes) lights are ideal for task lights as they are safer on the human retina, and last longer while being more energy efficient. Learn more about the benefits of task lighting on our blog.