Office Master Affirm Mesh Back Series


The new Affirm series chair combines the ergonomic design Office Master is known for with the comfort and look customers have been asking for. Its sleek mesh back, waterfall seat, and simple adjustments make for a comfortable chair that looks good while working with the way you sit.

Affirm’s modern, sleek, frameless mesh design evinces the confidence to fit in to any workspace - whether a tech start-up, a healthcare environment, an educational facility, or a more traditional office place it’s the perfect combination of class and comfort.

Brighten up your space with Affirm’s bold and stylish knit jacket in a color that’s just right for you. Affirm’s fabric choices coordinate perfectly with other popular OM chair series, such as the OM5 and OM5 Active.

Sit how your momma told you not to, toss your feet over your chair, squirm from spot to spot and take advantage of the simplicity built into Affirm’s smartly designed and engineered “sweet spot” scoop design, whether you’re in a chair or a stool.