Innovative EVO5501 Tablet PC/Laptop Holder EVO-5501

Weighing 2 lbs, EVO5501 is now VESA 100 compatible. So customers don’t need to order 8336-QR any longer, just screw the EVO5501 to the VESA bracket similar to the way way you do with your monitor. Holds small and large (up to 17") laptops. Please add an arm from Options below.

Innovative EVO5501 Tablet PC/Laptop Holder EVO-5501
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Click on the functions (Laptop/Tablet PC Holder Capabilities, Arm Capabilities) on the center of the images below to see the Laptop Holder and Arm movements

Innovative EVO 5501 Tablet PC or Notebook Laptop Holder
EVO-5501 in transparent light blue color



Arms expand to accommodate a wide variety of portables

Arms expand to accommodate

a wide variety of portables

Adjustable clasps allow free access to jacks and ports

Adjustable clasps allow free

access to jacks and ports

For ultra thin Laptops or Tablet PCs

For ultra thin Laptops/Tablet PCs:

The supplied clips can be attached to the clasps to ensure a secure grasp





Features of innovative EVO5501:

    1.  Adapts to support both tablet PCs and laptops.


    2.  Securely grips tablet or laptop, with quick attach and release.


    3.  Adjustable clasps allow free access to jacks and ports.


    4.  When used with tablet PCs, enables one-handed use of the tablet.


  5.  Allows tablet to be used in portrait or landscape position.


   6.  Mounting arm floats computer above desk - simply grab and move to desired position.


7.  Arm extends up to 18", with vertical adjustment of +/- 5" from horizontal.


   8.  Integrated cable management keeps cords off the desk.


    9.  Mount clamps to desk or through grommet with integrated handle (may also combine with slatwall, slatrail or wall mount)





Technical Drawing for Innovative EVO-5501 Tablet PC or Notebook Holder


Technical Drawing for Innovative EVO-5501 Tablet PC or Notebook Holder





Description of Innovative EVO-5501 Tablet PC Holder:

Attaches to arm via quick-install mechanism. Configures to support laptops or tablet PCs.

Discover a new way of interfacing with your tablet PC or laptop, the EVO Tablet Arm suspends your portable above the desk where it can be instantly repositioned for comfortable viewing. Combine with a wireless keyboard and mouse to create an ergonomic docking station for your computer. It's an ideal solution for workers on the move. Improve productivity while working at your primary desk, then simply grab the computer and go when it's time to leave.





Minimum Width:

10.5" (26.7 cm)


9.1" (23.1 cm)

Length with Clips:

0.6" (1.5 cm)

0.9" (2.3 cm) Minimum

1.8" (4.6 cm)

2.1" (5.3 cm) Maximum


Tablet PCs and Laptops


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I am interested in a setup similar to picture 8 of 11 with the EVO5501 laptop holder and the 9199 monitor arm. Could you tell me what wall mount is used in that picture? Are all the listed wall mounts compatible with this combination? In the picture there appear to be two long horizontal boards to which the wall mount is affixed. Are these included as part of the wall mount, or are these required for the mount to be securely attached to the wall? Answer: The mount in the image is the Innovative 8325 Heavy-Duty Large Wall Mount. All the wall mount options will allow you to mount an LCD arm to the wall. The two long horizontal boards are not included in the system, they were added to the wall to increase the structural support. In order to secure the arm to the wall you need to attached the wall mount directly into studs or other firm mounting surface. The unit does not come with wall mounting hardware (screws, bolts, etc..) you should be able to find this hardware at your local hardware store based on the type of wall material.
Model EVO5501
Manufacturer Innovative LCD Arms
Part Number EVO5501