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Laptop Stands and Holders

Prolonged use of laptop in uncomfortable posture may give rise to severe problems, including back ache, neck pain, and eye problems. This worry may be overcome by use of adjustable laptop stand. Laptop holders are manufactured with adjustable settings that allow holding of laptop for neutral positioning of hand and wrist and customized viewing comfort, allowing the user to achieve a good ergonomic posture.  Adjustable laptop stand gives your back relief from back ache and other problems due to extended use of the laptop.

If you or your employees heavily use laptops, notebooks, or tablets, then you probably spend a great deal of time hunched over your sleek machines. You are in need of finding the right ergonomic laptop stand, notebook stand or a tablet holder to help create a healthy ergonomic workspace.

Whether you’re at your desk or working in the field, we have ergonomic solutions that can fit into your life and stay under your budget. You can choose from wall mount laptop stands, under-desk laptop trays, laptop carts, and portable stands for your laptop or notebook.

Our Workrite foldable laptop stations allow you to adjust the platform to tilt up to 30º, and can raise the laptop monitor up to 6” to reduce neck and shoulder strain on the user.

The Workrite 2400 portable laptop station is perfect for the traveling businessperson, with a light, sleek design, this model affords a great deal of flexibility in adjusting the angle of your laptop within 30º, elevating the screen for more comfortable use, and reducing the tension in your wrists and hands.

If you seek to secure your laptop then the Intellaspace SureLock is the perfect under-desk laptop drawer,  suitable for laptops up to 19” wide. You can lock the drawer containing your valuable hardware when away from the office or desk.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your needs.

Ergonomic Notes:

You are on the move, and finally have the technology to stay connected from anywhere in the world. You can work with the power of an office, while enjoying the surf. Though you invest a great deal of time and money into your machines, you suffer by working in less than healthy conditions.

We all have endured the “laptop hunch,” crouched over our machine; shoulders raised, neck bent down, and wrists held in awkward positions. Headaches result. Shoulder and neck pain increases, and our backs suffer from constantly bending over to peer into our machines.

Laptop stands and holders go a long way in shaping your workspace to fit you perfectly. They can raise the level of your monitor, they can angle the keyboard to relieve your contorted hands and wrists, and they can lift your machine off your lap to prevent heat burns.