Secure Laptop Arms

Laptop theft turns out to be a widespread and costly problem for companies. According to the security consulting firm, Penemon Institute, 81% of the 484 IT professionals surveyed, say their company lost at least one laptop with sensitive information in the past year. We understand the importance of securing your laptops, stopping opportunity theft, keeping information secure and protecting personal and private data. We offer a wide variety of arms that will secure your laptop to the desk when not in use and other theft prevention tools like locking kits, locking plates and security brackets that provide laptop security. 

How to securely install a laptop or notebook on the wall or desk mount

Secure Combination Lock, Theft Resistant Notebook Arms

Our notebook/laptop anti theft security solutions include:

  • single or double lockdown laptop arm can be wall or desk mounted
  • security stand
  • lockdown plate
  • combination key lock
  • security cable lock
  • keyless locks
  • laptop security bracket
  • lockable laptop drawer

Ergodirect Notebook or Laptop lockdown security arms are well designed in appearance as well as superior in strength.  Their wall or desk mount laptop security arms are an effective way of locking down your laptop in a way that enforces the message "theft deterrent."

Combination portable notebook key lock has a low profile design and self coiling cable for easy travel and keeps notebooks securely anchored.

Security cable lock has a coiled cable which extends up to 12 feet and is a perfect fit for adding extra security to mounting solution.

Unique laptop security bracket lock holder is designed to be used with or without a docking station.  This theft deterrence security system provides stability against unintentional bumps and can be adjusted inwards or outwards.

Lockable drawer offers a fast, convenience way to secure and conceal a laptop or notebook when not in use.