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Laptop Arms

Are you hunched over your laptop for many hours at a time? Using a laptop for a long period of time in poor working postures may cause neck and back pain. Laptops afford mobility, while giving us incredible power. But we often find ourselves working in poor postures, cramped and hunched over our laptop screens.

The predominant health issues regarding laptop use are neck, shoulder, wrist, hand pain and musculoskeletal disorders, such as carpal tunnel. By angling your keyboard to a more comfortable position for your wrists, you can alleviate the risk of carpal tunnel. By elevating your notebook screen you decrease the amount of tension you place on your neck and shoulders, when you hunch over your laptop to work. If you or your employees are heavy laptop users, you are in need of the right ergonomic product to reduce the risk of serious musculoskeletal injury or disorder.  Laptop Arms are an ideal solution.