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Chief Wall Mounts 

Versatile Wall Mount Provides the maximum height adjustment and extension

Our selection of wall mounts will provide you with a broad range of viewing options for small flat panel TV's, LCD displays, LED monitors, as well as multiple monitors displays. These reliable wall mounts can be used for commercial as well as residential applications. Each model has it's own unique features and design in order to provide you with the ideal mounting solution. In addition to all these great features, Chief wall mounts are very easy to install.

Chief Wall Mount provides a broad range of motion for viewing small flat panel monitors and TVs to large dual monitor, triple monitor, quad LCD, LED displays from multiple angles and heights.  Chief wall mount can be mounted vertically or horizontally and lock them in the same plane for viewing convenience.  The KWB110 Series provides the most versatile wall mount in Chief's line of monitor mounts, providing the maximum height adjustment and extension.  The K1W100 dynamic single monitor wall mount is a great solution for office, healthcare facilities or at home.  Kontour monitor arms create a more productive and comfortable workspace.  Elegantly designed with a forged aluminium body, Kontour wall moun will stand the test of time both functionally and aesthetically.  The KWS110 Series flat panel LCD single monitor swing arm wall mount allows small flat panel monitor swings out from the wall for closer viewing and remains close to the wall in closed position for a low-profile appearance.  Chief wall mount products are quick to install, easy to use, and providing a great solution for installing any flat panel LCD monitor.

Chief's monitor wall mounts have a space saving design that collapses to be ultra low profile, maximizing workspace.  Mounts are available with a full swing arm or a height adjustable swing arm to achieve the ultimate viewing angle.  If you have any questions about display compatibility with Chief wall mounts please feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives.