Workrite Keyboard Platforms and Keyboard Trays


WorkRite 2128-22 or 2133-22 Banana Board Keyboard Tray 2180S-25


WorkRite UB2110D-25 or UG2110D-26 Dual Mouse-Under Advantage keyboard Platform


WorkRite UB2110RL-25 or UG2110RL-26 Dual Mouse-Under Advantage keyboard Platform


WorkRite UB-2181SN or UG-2181SN Banana Board for Microsoft Natural Keyboard

2180S, 2128-22, 2133-22

Workite Banana Board Keyboard Tray System

UB2110D or UG2110D

Workrite Dual Combo Adjustable Keyboard Platform

UB2110RL or UG2110RL

Workrite Single Combo Adjustable Keyboard Platform

UB-2181SN or UG-2181SN

Microsoft Natural Banana Board Keyboard Platform



WorkRite UB180S-25 or CB180S-25 Combo Adjustable Keyboard Platform with Slide

WorkRite UB385RL-25 or CB385RL-25 Combo Reversible 27 inch Keyboard Platform

WorkRite UB317RL-25 or CB317RL-25 Combo Reversible 17 inch Keyboard Platform

WorkRite UB482-25 or CB482-25 Split Pad Combo 25 inch Keyboard Platform Black

UB180S or CB180S

Workrite Standard Keyboard Platform with Slide

UB385RL or CB385RL (27")

WorkRite Combo Reversible Adjustable Keyboard Tray

UB317RL or CB317RL (17")

WorkRite Keyboard Combo Reversible Keyboard Platform

UB482 or CB482 (25")

WorkRite Standard Split-Pad Keyboard Platform



WorkRite UB485-25 or CB485-25 Split Pad Combo 27 inch Keyboard Platform

WorkRite UB188-25 or CB188-25 Corner Solo Adjustable Keyboard Platform

WorkRite UB182-25 or CB182-25 Combo 25 inch Keyboard Platform Black

WorkRite UB185-25 or CB185-25 Combo 27 inch Keyboard Platform Black

UB485 or CB485 (27")

WorkRite Split-Pad Combo Keyboard Platform

UB188 or CB188 (28")

WorkRite Corner Adjustable Keyboard Platform

UB182 or CB182 (25")

WorkRite Standard Keyboard Tray Platform

UB185 or CB185 (27")

WorkRite Ergonomic Standard Keyboard Platform


WorkRite UB-488-25 or CB-488-25 Split-Pad Corner Adjustable Keyboard Platform

WorkRite 2110RLN Mouse-Under Microsoft Natural 2110RLN-25 Special Order


UB-488 or CB-488 (28")

Workrite Split-Pad Corner Adjustable Keyboard Platform

2110RLN (28 1/2")

WorkRite Mouse-Under Microsoft Natural Keyboard




OtherKeyboard Trays


Workrite Adjustable Keyboard Tray and Platforms and Arms

Provides a stable platform for keyboard and mouse positioning in a comfortable location. Adjustable to each person's needs.


Mouse Forward Innovation

Collaborating extensively with the chief ergonomist at one of the nation's leading high-tech companies, we pioneered the Mouse-Forward feature. This first gave that company's employees - then all users - a mouse surface that's more in line with the natural rotation arc of the forearm as it moves from the home keys to the mouse. At Workrite, we can help you create the correct solution for your unique needs from our wide variety of keyboard platforms and arms.


Mouse Forward



The Squircle

Why have a round mouse platform when your monitor isn't? We designed our mouse platform in proportion to the typical aspect ratio of 55/45 for most computer displays. Which means that you'll move your mouse more efficiently, avoiding excessive reaching or having to pick up and move the mouse so that you can reach the full area of your display





Don't Always Be Negative

Although we agree that for most users, a negative tilt range provides a comfortable low-risk keying angle, there are others for whom a positive tilt can have a positive effect such as hunt and peck (non touchkey) typists or individuals who recline in their chair due to a preexisting condition or their unique body attributes. For these individuals, a positive tilt keyboard is just the solution.


Don't Always Be Negative



Adding an Extra Touch

Our Ultra-Thin platforms include the Optimizer, with an integrated document holder and cable management features to make your keyboarding easier. We designed our mouse rests to be removable to discourage the risky keyboarding behavior of resting the wrist rather than holding it above the mouse platform.


Adding an Extra Touch



Keep Both Hands Rested

For the most versatile solution, select a platform with an integrated ambidextrous mousing surface. Two popular choices include the Banana-Board, with its sliding mouse surface or Revo, with its quick change mouse tray.

Our reversible platforms are designed to be installed for right or left hand users and can be reversed using simple tools as needed in the future. This platform type is also ideal for those who prefer a continuous platform with no moving parts and extreme rigidity for both mouse and keyboard support.



Mouse in Comfort

Mouse Forward

Mouse Forward

For easy movement within the primary reach zone, select from our wide range of Mouse-Forward designs.

Mouse Over


Mouse Over

For mouse intensive users who use the 10 key pad infrequently or users with limited reach, select the Mouse-Over feature of Revo.

In-line Mousing

In-Line Mousing

In-line mousing is appropriate for users with longer reach or those who want an ambidextrous mousing platform.



Platforms to support you

Durable Platforms

Our 1/4" Ultra-Thin phenolic minimizes the distance between the forearm and thigh, providing a greater range of ergonomic fit. For value driven applications, select our Classic 5/8" melamine platform.


Phenolic and Melamine Platforms



Thoughtful Features

All Ultra-Thin platforms have the Optimizer, an integrated keyboard cord management feature, along with a built-in document holder and mouse cord retainer.


Thoughtful features



Neutral Wrist position is the key to comfort

All wrist rests are upholstered with LeatheRite, providing the feel of soft glove leather and the durability of synthetic fiber. It's hypoallergenic, breathable micro porous structure dissipates heat in warm weather and retains it in cold weather.

Our standard urethane foam offers proven support and durability.

For superior palm support and comfort, choose our JelRite wrist rests with a thermal reactive memory foam that minimizes pressure against the palm.


Jelrite and Standard Wrist Rest



We work where you do

We have solutions for every typical configuration, whether you have a rounded or diagonal corner or a straight edge. You can also convert 90 degree corners using our corner diagonal adapters.