Ergotron Wall Mounting Solutions 

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Wall Mounted Solutions for Large TVs, LCD Displays and Digital Signage Applications

Whether computing or relaxing in front of the big screen, our wall mounted solutions increase usable space through compact, flexible designs.  Offering simple touch adjustment and easy installation to bring comfortable computing and viewing within sight.

Bring the message to your audience

Whether communication powerful, attention-grabbing graphics or streaming video, the appeal of digital signage is in its quick and effortless ability to manipulate content in real-time to influence audience behavior.  However, one of the keys to implementing a powerful message is effective positioning.  This is where Ergotron can help.  Innovative line of display mounts and mobile workstations move content to the audience, creating a powerful impact.

Remarkably sleek and slim designs that don't compromise functionality.

Tilt mounts are most suitable when you need to mount flat panel TV LCD higher on the wall.  The tilt functionality allows you to tilt your TV down to avoid screen glare or achieve a better viewing angle.

Fixed mounts are the simpliest way to mount your flat panel TV LCD on the wall when you have a dedicated viewing area and your eyes are level with the middle or bottom of your TV LCD when seated.

Most Ergotron wall moutns are earthquake zone approved, meeting OSHPD preapproved requirements for California hospitals.  Before purchasing wall mounted products for installation in California hospitals contact Customer Service for assistance.